ISS Mimic EDU is an initiative from the ISS Mimic Team and Creatorspace  to leverage ISS excitement to enable students to build space-exploration-relevant skills and envision themselves as capable to take on STEM/space careers through tangibles and digital products such as mid-and large-scale models of the ISS and online education resources. 

Bryan Murphy Project Investigator

Aymette Medina Project Coordinator

Javier Montiel   Educational Specialist

Brittany Welbourn Educational Specialist

Aya S. Abushmeis, Engineer & Mimicker

            Chen M. Deng             Engineer & Mimicker

Douglas A. Kimble Engineer & Mimicker

Susan N. Freeman Engineer & Mimicker

Samuel R. Treadgold Engineer & Mimicker

Craig M. Stanton    Engineer & Mimicker

Linda Sanchez, ISS Mimic Ambassador, Puerto Rico

Shakira Perez, ISS Mimic Ambassador, Puerto Rico

Wendi Martinez, ISS Mimic Ambassador, Texas

Brenda Vazquez, ISS Mimic Ambassador, Mexico

Rebeca Villegas, ISS Mimic Ambassador, Mexico

Carlos Marchan, ISS Mimic Ambassador, Mexico

Dianea Phillips, ISS Mimic Ambassador, Canada

Delia Kench, ISS Mimic Ambassador, South Africa