ISS Mimic Puerto Rico Training

¡Gran oportunidad para Puerto Rico! Amy visitará la isla para ofrecer el adiestramiento de ISS Mimic completamente en español. Un agradecimiento especial a Bonneville School por brindarnos las instalaciones para llevar a cabo la capacitación. Si no has solicitado  la subvención (grant), todavía estás a tiempo. Aqui esta el link. Confirma tu asistencia al taller a través de este enlace. Nos vemos en Bonneville School el 29 de julio de 2024 a las 8:30 am.

Great opportunity for Puerto Rico! Amy will visit the island to offer ISS Mimic training entirely in Spanish. A special thank you to Bonneville School for providing us with the facilities to conduct the training. If you have not applied to receive the grant, there is still time. Here is the link. Confirm your attendance at the workshop through this link. See you at Bonneville School on July 29, 2024, at 8:30 am!

2023 ISS Mimic Summer Institute 

We launched the ISS Mimic EDU with amazing educators from Mexico, Texas, and Puerto Rico!

ISS Mimic Grant

Bring the excitement of the ISS Mimic to your school. Apply for a grant!*                                                               

 *Grant is restricted to US schools only.

ISS Mimic EDU Goals

The purpose of the ISS Mimic project is to provide a daily, tangible connection to human space exploration to those otherwise disconnected.  This is achieved by leveraging the public telemetry stream from ISS to actuate motors, LEDs, and data screens on a physical, scale model of ISS.  The ISS Mimic STEM Engagements goals include a primary goal and two learning goals. The primary goal of the project is leveraging ISS excitement to enable students to build space-exploration-relevant skills and envision themselves as capable to take on STEM/space careers. The ISS Mimic educational learning goals are: (a) improved technological and critical 21st-century skills (communication, collaboration, critical thinking, and problem-solving skills), and (b) increased engagement in and excitement about STEM content and careers, especially in technology.